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  • Why are candles so popular?

    The nitty gritty of why candles are so popular.
  • Light a candle, give back.

    Why we give a portion of all revenue to charity and how you can start!
  • the re-usable black jar

    Looking for eco-friendly candles? Turn your candle jar into a coffee mug or drinking glass today.
  • interesting facts about candles that you didn't know

    5 things you never knew about candles...
  • Holiday Scents for Special Holiday Moments

    Holiday scents crafted for special holiday moments.
  • The Manly Scent Guide

    Which manly scent is best for you? From gifts to shopping for yourself, you'll love these deep, aromatic scents.
  • Long Lasting Candles Found Here

    Are your candles losing life too soon? Find our care guide here.
  • Us V.S. Them

    What makes us different from leading brands? Find out here.
  • Fall is Our Favorite Color...

    It's time to Fall in love with Fall again + the scents you'll be obsessed with this Fall season all found here!
  • Clean Candles: Soy Wax V.S. Paraffin Wax & Which is Better

    Think again before adding that "fresh" scented candle to your cart. Opt for a longer, cleaner burn instead.
  • the new home of nellamoon 🌙

    we finally get to meet in person!
  • how to achieve a cozy nook workspace at home

    achieve a cozy nook workspace with these tips!