Welcome to the "Us V.S. Them" series where we talk about what makes nellamoon different amongst a work full of candles. This article is simply a guide that highlights the differences between us and competitors, and is no way us talking down to other brands. 


Well, we are candle brands (shocking, we know). And we offer a wide variety of scents for people that love candles.


When it comes to similarities and differences, we have to highlight the differenced because there are quite a few. While most brands produce massive batches of candles, nellamoon hand pours all candles in small batches right here in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, nellamoon only sells their candles online and in carefully selected retailers. 

The most important difference is how each candle is made. Most candles use refined paraffin wax made from petroleum or coal while nellamoon opts for natural soy wax with no irritants. In addition, many brands offer candles in a wide variety of colors which means they use dyes to bring color. You'll notice that all of nellamoon candles are one color, white. This is because we don't alter the color of our candles in any way, meaning we never use dyes. 

There are several perks of using soy wax. One is that is burns much longer than any other wax! They are also clean burning and don’t release toxins into the air! 

If you'd like to learn more on common candle ingredients and their dangers, read more here.

October 09, 2020 — Arielle Ricci