Candles can seem like a simple decoration or way to make a home smell delightful but they're so much more than that.  Here are a few interesting facts about candles that you probably did not know... 

  1. A candle should not product smoke while burning. This is where candle maintenance is important. If you find that your candle is producing smoke, simply trim the wick. You can find more candle instructions here
  2. Freezing candles doesn't make them last longer. If you haven't tried this, don't. This is simply a silly myth. In fact, it could actually harm the candle.
  3. Candles have been made from fish, cows and whales.. yeah, not all candles are eco friendly and natural. Always opt for a soy wax candle to avoid this!
  4. Candles were already around in 500 B.C... Crazy that candles have been enjoyed by humans for so long. Of course, back then candles were used as lighting but soon turned to pure bliss.
  5. Blowing out candles isn't too great. There's a much better way to put out a candle and it's by using a tool called a snuffer. These are available on amazon. 

Want to see other cool candle facts? You can find more here!

October 09, 2020 — Arielle Ricci