When it comes to clean candles, it can be really confusing what to look for. While some companies say, "clean", are they really? 

When making a candle, people usually opt for two types of wax, soy or paraffin. While some don't notice a difference, paraffin wax is made from petroleum or coal and has been proven to release harmful chemicals into the air. So yeah, basically you're inhaling petroleum, coal and other pollutants. We recommend choosing a soy, beeswax or other ecosystem friendly wax.

Another fun fact about soy wax? It burns up to 50% longer than other leading wax options. This is the best alternative for a long, clean burn. Say hello to long lasting candles!

Because there is no ban on paraffin wax in the United States, it's up to you to educate yourself before before adding that "fresh" smelling candle to your cart. 

So, what us soy wax and how does it end up in candles? 

Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from soybeans (duh). After the soybeans are fully ready to harvest, they are cleaned, cracked, the hulls are removed and finally, formed into a flake like shape. Want more info on soy wax? Check out this article.

If you're looking to really take your clean candle collection up a notch, we're pleased to let you know that nellamoon's hand poured candles are made without phthalates, dyes and irritants in addition to using natural soy wax!

Because soy wax is made entirely by the Earth, we reduce our pollution and keep the Earth as clean as we can. This is not the case with paraffin wax as it is made from petroleum which pollutes and damages our ecosystems. 

Here's a breakdown of popular brands and which wax they use:

Looking for gifts for others this season? Do some research before gifting someone a toxic candle and opt for a clean burn instead! 


October 05, 2020 — Arielle Ricci