let your light shine

all natural soy wax candles
our love for creativity turned into illuminating light

About Our Candles


I haven't met a scent that I don't love! Great gifts for birthdays and holidays (teachers, too!). Nellamoon candles are a staple at our house. My son has severe allergies and this is the only candle that doesn't cause his eczema to flare up.

Nicole M.

"This is one of the best smelling candles I have ever had! It was a perfect combination of eucalyptus and peppermint! Plus, natural soy candles are the best! They last a long time! Such elegant and beautiful candles that not only smell amazing, but they make your home literally brighten up into a beautiful haven!!!

Amy L.

Sensual and long lasting, these candles are the absolute best! They burn clean and have just the right amount of smell. We always have one lit at our home. Highly recommended... this is the only candle company we will use going forward. Excellent customer service and seamless transactions. The attention to detail is unparalleled! Needless to say the pricing is on point. Thank you Nellamoon!

Sarah N.

So dreamy! Love the lavender scent. It's the perfect candle for calming down after a long day & meditating. Great packaging, quick turn around time, and has a long burn time. I love NellaMoon! 

Payton C.

Amazing candles, love the way my room smells even when it's not lit! So elegant looking, they are a must have for your home!!

Jessie P.

Love this candle! It smells wonderful and the jar it's in looks great. Just what I was looking for.


Best candles in Nashville!!!!! Smell amazing, beautiful package, and great message!


These candles are so lovely. I am so impressed with their excellent quality. Can’t wait to purchase more!!!