While we all love cozy, sweet scents, manly scents are great for gifts, home decor and offer a bold, edgy aroma. We really like manly scents for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts particularly, but there's no wrong time to light up a deep, manly aroma. 

If we could describe manly scents, we'd say they're bold, charismatic and deep. 

Here's a breakdown of our manly scented candles...

  • Oud + Smoke  - Rich notes of tobacco and whiskey overwhelm your senses (in the best way). This scent is basically manliness and sophistication bottles up in a jar. 
  • Desert Cowboy - This manly scent holds a special place in our hearts because of it's wild western charisma. It's charming with notes of vanilla, tobacco and crackling wood. 
  • Nashville - Named after Nellamoon's hometown, this scent reminds us walking down the streets of broadway watching the guitarists play along to an Elvis playlist. It's manly and reminiscent with notes of leather, tobacco and cedar wood.

Why do people love masculine scents you ask? In sum, masculine aromas encourage masculine properties like boldness, power, strength and masculinity.

You can read more on what scents bring on certain feelings here. 

Are you looking for a gift this season? You can't go wrong with any of our manly scents. Give a gift and light a candle ;) 

October 09, 2020 — Arielle Ricci