Candles are an ideal gift, comfort purchase or a way to elevate your space. But really, why are candles so popular? They're a block of wax with a wick, right? Well, yes, but they're so much more.

Scent is the first sense to trigger the memory. This means that when you inhale a scent, it takes you back to picking apples your grandmas back yard or pumpkin spice candles remind you of the feeling you had about your new job last Fall. 

Candles have a way of taking us back to places we love. The streets of Paris, a first date, the smell of coming home and much more. 

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While all of the above is all backed by science, candles offer a general sense of comfort. You plan a weekend in because you want to re-charge and be alone. So what's better than lighting a candle when you take a bubble bath or read a book in bed? Nothing compares.

This is why we have scents for every occasion! Interested in seasonal scents that remind us of carving pumpkins, setting gifts under the tree and baking? You can find them here.

October 09, 2020 — Arielle Ricci