When it comes to staying eco friendly, nellamoon makes saving the planet a priority one candle at a time. If you didn't know, our black matte jars are 100% reusable and make for great coffee mugs, vases for flowers, makeup brush holders, etc. 

If you for some reason, decide to throw the black matte jar away, please use a recycle bin! Check here for great recycling tips.

The great thing about recycling is that it's totally free and you're helping the planet. We knew our black matte jars would be a best-seller (and boy were we right...) so we knew early on we needed to make these beauties eco responsible. In addition, we try to limit our use of plastic and harmful components. 

We hope this encourages you to go green and re-use your black matte jar!

P.S... If you haven't turned your jars into beautiful drinking glasses... do it now! Just make sure to clean them thoroughly and remove the wicks!

October 09, 2020 — Arielle Ricci