Ah, the holidays are here, can you believe it?

While you're lighting the Christmas tree, hanging Christmas lights pondering Christmas gifts or awaiting Christmas Day, having a (clean) candle burning next to you provides the perfect holiday set-up.

Did you know the scent is the first sense to trigger the memory? So, lighting a scent that takes you back to your childhood memories is the perfect way to get you into the holiday spirit. 

excited to see our holiday scents? Let's get started! 

  • Enchanted Forest - This scent reminds us of fur trees, sap and Christmas morning! It's the perfect guest for holiday morning pancakes, opening gifts under the tree and other holiday festivities. 
  • Noir - One of our year-round best-sellers, this fresh, airy scent is a lovely holiday choice! People love giving it as a gift as it's a total crowd pleaser! With sandalwood and a touch of lavender, it'll have your senses invigorated! 

Why did we choose to add lavender? The holiday season can be stressful. With that being said, candles produces an amazing degree of aromatherapy, so what you breathe impacts how you feel. We chose lavender for it's relaxing, calm aroma to help you cope with seasonal stress! Want to read more? Check out this article. 

October 09, 2020 — Arielle Ricci