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  • my favorite oatmeal for morning fuel

    complex carbs, healthy fats and adequate protein to set your day up for success
  • vegan cake batter

    vegan cake batter that resembles the classic we know and love
  • you won't believe they're not mashed potatoes...

    a low-carb, keto and paleo alternative to mashed potatoes!
  • healthier blueberry muffins

    ditch the sugar loaded muffins for this delicious alternative!
  • wellness must-haves this month

    wellness staples that make living a healthy lifestyle easier
  • Nella's tuna salad

    a cleaner version of the classic tuna salad we all love!
  • how I use adaptogens

    ever tried adaptogens? get creative and try them these three ways!
  • the easiest (grain free & refined sugar free) skillet cookie

    finally, a perfect grain-free, dairy-free, and refined-sugar-free skillet cookie recipe.
  • the salad I'm living on right now

    eat with the seasons when you give this salad a try
  • healthy alternatives to pantry staples we all loved as a kid

    swap out your sugar-filled pantry staples for these alternatives instead!
  • gut health 101

    go further than the supplement cabinet for gut health!
  • foods for radiant skin

    Ready for radiance? Start from the inside out.