Alright, guys! I have discovered the best smoothie packed with gut benefits and plant based protein! 

Grab your favorite blender and follow along! 

First, start with almond milk! I buy this one at Costco and it's by far my favorite. 

Next, you'll add a serving of this spirulina powder. Spirulina for those of you that think i'm crazy right now is an algae loaded with beneficial minerals and offers a deep green color.

I then add in one scoop of this protein powder. I found this one at Costco as well and it's loaded with superfoods and offers a satiating amount of plant-based protein. If you're looking for extra fiber and healthy fats, add in some organic chia seeds! 

For extra energy, I add in maca root which is an ancient root known for its ability to support healthy energy levels! If you're looking to heighten your consumption of dark leafy greens but just can't seem to reach your goal, try this organic supergreens powder loaded with the most nutrient dense greens. It offers a mint, sweet flavor so there's no nasty aftertaste! 

finally, add in some fruit of your choice! I personally love adding bananas for some extra gut support as they are rich in gut-supporting pre-biotics! I also recommend wild blueberries because of their superior antioxidant level! 

Blend away and enjoy! 

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I made a step by step video as I made this smoothie! You can watch it here!




June 19, 2020 — Arielle Ricci