Raise your hand if you’ve ever watched “what’s in my fridge” vlogs on YouTube! *raises hand*

Today I’m going to give you a little rundown of items that I always have on hand. 

Raw veggies

If you can’t tell if you’re bored or hungry, I recommend two things. Drink water and grab some raw carrots, cucumbers, peppers, or whatever raw veggies you’re loving. Pair them with some hummus for some extra fiber and plant-based protein!


When it comes to meat and seafood, I always choose pasture-raised, grass-fed, and wild-caught sources. Because our system is so polluted, most animals are fed genetically modified corn, grains, and toxic pollutants. You can find these options at any grocery store. I usually go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s! I’m a big salmon fan and benefit greatly from the omega-three content. I also go for ground turkey or beef for taco nights!


I don’t do well with dairy as it is known to cause inflammation. Instead, I go for almond, cashew, or oat milk. I recommend almond as it’s by far the most versatile. 

Salad toppings 

I keep toppings in my fridge so I can make a salad when I’m in a rush without having to chop everything up every single time. My favorites include cherry tomatoes, slivered almonds, avocado cubes, wild-caught salmon, shredded carrots and maybe a spoonful of hummus. 

Celery for juicing

Yes, I have fallen into the celery juice trap and I absolutely love it. I’ve seen improvement in my digestion, inflammation, and skin. It’s pretty easy to make if you have a juicer. Just buy 3 bunches of organic celery, wash them, and then press them into your juicer! If I feel allergies coming on, I’ll add some ginger and lemon, too!

Nuts & seeds

Did you know that because nuts and seeds have a higher oil content than other foods, they are more susceptible to go rancid? I keep mine in a glass jar tucked away in the fridge to extend their shelf life!

Dips and sauces 

I am loving all things Primal Kitchen right now! They have done a great job of providing a clean alternative to our favorite toppings and condiments. Their lemon turmeric dressing is so good drizzled on salads. Plus, their ketchup is the cleanest I’ve seen!

Other snacks 

Other snacks to always have on hand include a nut butter of choice, grain-free chips, fruit, Medjool dates, and any other raw foods you’re loving!  For bars, I try to minimize my consumption just because I attempt to take in nutrition from whole foods. But, if I’m on the road, I’ll grab some perfect bars, RX bars or a Larabar! Sometimes, I’ll divide up an avocado, add some olive oil and sea salt and spoon it out to hold me over until dinner!

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June 11, 2020 — Arielle Ricci