We recently moved into a new home and of course, I hunted and searched endlessly to create a perfect little haven of a kitchen. The smell of baked cookies, morning Sunday pancakes and that feeling of a special gathering place are all how I picture my kitchen. I've put together 10 essentials that I've come across while getting to know my new kitchen.

non-toxic cookware and baking sheets

Aluminum is absolutely not in my house. If you want to know why... read more here.

Instead, I go for ceramic, stainless steel or glass.  

Ditch the microwave 

Microwaves give off radiation (no thanks!). You can watch a video on this here. Instead, I go for this toaster oven to heat up food. It takes a bit longer, but that's ok with me if it's a safer option.

No talkie before my coffee

I start my day with a cup of coffee with a drizzle of local honey and a splash of almond milk. I'll admit it, I like my coffee a certain way which is why I went ahead and bought this machine to make it at home! If you're an espresso drinker, I've heard great things about this machine. ( I may have to give it a try, too!) 

A good food scale

eye-balling ingredients and portions? No need to! This scale has helped me pack specific portions. If you're attempting to count macros, a food scale is a must!

Non-toxic cleaners

I hate the idea of breathing in harsh toxins (hence why nellamoon candles are made from non-toxic wax). Instead of going to traditional harsh cleaners, I buy from this brand instead. My kitchen smells magical!

A great tea kettle 

I love this tea kettle! It warms up water so fast and it stays so hot! I make tea before bed and this tool has made it so much easier! 

Clean water, always!

you can read more about water contamination in tap water here. I found the best science-backed water filter system and I'll never go back. You can check it out here! I can taste the difference. 

So, what are you putting in your home? I want to try some stuff that you love, too! Share it with me on Instagram @nellamoon. 



June 11, 2020 — Arielle Ricci