I hope everyone had a fabulous week and as always, thanks for tuning in to my Friday favorites. Today, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites from this week. And yes, I only share things that I genuinely support, no sponsors here, just genuine love.

What I’m drinking… 

Adding some hot tea to my wind-down routine has made a beneficial impact on my quality of sleep. I relax by using this electric tea kettle to warm up some water to add to my favorite tea (preferably ginger because it helps with digestion). Add a little lemon for an extra boost. 

What I’m wearing…

Ever paired some cute joggers with pumps? I hadn’t either until this week and I am loving the dressed up look that the pumps bring to the joggers.  Pair this look with a white or black tank and bam, you’re good to go.

You can find the pumps I’m loving here and the comfiest joggers for any occasion here. I love that they can be dressed up or down. If you're keeping it simple and want to go for a pair of white sneakers instead, look at these!

Add a pair of cat-eye sunnies like these to spice the look up a bit. I wear these with so many different outfits and they always take it up a notch. Plus, the price-tag is unreal. 

Need a good workout tank? I love sleeveless workout shirts for barre as I find sleeves very annoying while doing pushups and arm workouts. I love the color of this one, so soft and feminine. Plus, it’s so flattering, unlike most workout tops.

For the home…

Memorial day has come and gone, which means I’m bringing out all of the white home decor, starting with my bedding (I just put this duvet cover on my bed) Who doesn’t love refreshing white bedding? It makes the room brighter while providing a crisp, clean look.

I love this wooden circle platter and how great does it look against the white bedding and my nellamoon candle? You can use it for anything, cheeseboards, candles, keys, I love it! 

Looking for the softest bath towels (ever)? I came across these and I will definitely be buying more. Everyone deserves the perfect towel when they step out of the shower. 

What products are you loving right now? I enjoy trying new things and would love to hear from you guys. Share some of your favorites with me on Instagram @nellamoon, I can’t wait to connect! 

let your light shine,

Arielle, founder of nellamoon 

June 05, 2020 — Arielle Ricci