I look forward to creating my Friday favorites every week as I love trying new products and sharing what I love. I try to include a wide variety of products, books, podcasts, and activities in this series. As always, thank you for tuning in, I love staying connected with this community. 

What I’m sweating in... 

Finding workout gear that stays in place when you move is a challenge. Well, I solved the puzzle by completing my athleisure collection with these Spanx leggings. My favorite part is that they hold everything in place without cutting off my circulation (we’ve all been there). 

From my bathroom counter… 

Affordable skincare that actually works… does it exist? It sure does. Say hello to Ordinary, a brand I (and my wallet) have come to love. Found on my bathroom counter: this Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. Goodbye, little bumps that we all find on our forehead sometimes, hello glowing skin!

How I’m protecting my skin… 

Not only are hats a great accessory, but they also protect the skin from damaging UV rays. I’m loving this white one right now. Pair it with something as simple as a bathing suit for a pool day or dress it up with a cute sundress. 

I may not wear a hat all the time, but I do make large efforts to protect my skin by applying an SPF daily. I really like this one as it’s oil-free (hello, clean pores). 

Happy hair

My secret to voluptuous hair… this brush and this shampoo! Simply brush your hair out after washing with the Olaplex shampoo and complete the process by blow-drying for undeniable volume

Shop my look

Want to shop my look from the photo above? So simple and easy. I chose a strappy, white tank similar to this one, and pulled my hair away from my face with these clips and added this bracelet for a gold accent! Choose a dainty pair of earrings to complete the look!

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Let your light shine,

Arielle, founder of nellamoon

June 12, 2020 — Arielle Ricci