I am absolutely loving sharing my Friday favorites with you guys. From the books I’m reading, the comfiest loungewear, what I’m wearing, beauty products, snacks, and even the podcasts I’m tuning into can be found here, so make sure to stay tuned! And yes, I only share things that I genuinely support, no sponsors here, just genuine love.

What’s in my makeup bag…

I just got back from the beach, so I will take all of the moisture that I can get for my face. This vitamin E oil is a lifesaver for dry skin and so affordable. I respect the clean ingredients and can tell that my skin is thanking me for it. 

I’ve also been adding a little bit of concealer and I’m loving this one by Tarte at the moment. During the summer, I lighten up on the makeup and opt for this concealer because less is more, right? 

What I’m wearing… 

I can’t believe I finally found a suit for such a great price. Swimsuits are so expensive these days… no thanks! The lemons on this suit look so good on tan skin, which is why I chose to take it to the beach! 

I knew this dress would be perfect for a dinner out with friends on 30-A. The straps and the way the fabric is layered is so on-brand with a nice beach getaway, I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a beautiful dress that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. 

What I’m snacking on…

I love a good road trip snack that doesn’t sabotage my wellness goals. When traveling, I generally opt for plant-based fats and protein to keep me satisfied. This week, I chose these brazil nuts. Not only are they rich in healthy fats and moderate protein, but they also have high amounts of a beneficial mineral, selenium. 

What are your favorite snacks, workouts, and products? Share them with me on Instagram @nellamoon!

Let your light shine,


May 29, 2020 — Arielle Ricci