Every Friday I’ll be sharing a list of things that brought me joy during the week. From the books I’m reading, the comfiest loungewear, beauty products, snacks, and even the podcasts I’m tuning into can be found here, so make sure to stay tuned! And yes, I only share things that I genuinely support, no sponsors here, just genuine love.

What’s on the menu… 

My husband and I love tacos and love re-creating meals that we both enjoy that actually support our healthy lifestyle. We made these healthier tacos and we’re confident that you’ll love them, too. 

What you’ll need… 

  1. Grain-free tortillas (I chose Siete as I trust all of their ingredients) 
  2. Hummus of your choice (I love Cedar’s which is available at most grocery stores) 
  3. Ground turkey sauteed in coconut oil and coconut aminos (such a great alternative to soy sauce!) 
  4. Lettuce of choice
  5. Any other toppings you love. Cheese, pico, load it up! 

How I’m Moving

Barre is one of my favorite workouts, and lately, I’ve had to create some space to do it at home. I’ve genuinely found enjoyment in the xtend barre at-home workout classes. It’s almost like I’m there in the studio. 

What I’m Reading

I’ve noticed that the most successful people take time to learn. One of my favorite ways to learn is by reading. Personally, I have learned a lot by reading leadership and entrepreneurship books that have not only helped me build a foundation for nellamoon, but have encouraged me to lead a team with intention. 

Radical Candor by Kim Scott is a great book that I would recommend to anyone wanting to build their leadership skills. What did I take from it? Care personally, but challenge directly. 

What I’m Snacking On

Snacks keep my energy sustained. I stay very active and find that snacking gives me a boost throughout the day. I’m absolutely loving dates and almond butter right now. Here’s the secret: slice a date in half, add raw almond butter to each half and voilà! The healthy fat from the almond butter keeps me satisfied while the natural sugar from the date gives me some quick fuel. 

What I’m Sipping on

Ever tried a golden milk latte? If not, I highly recommend it! This Gaia Golden Milk powder combines turmeric root (goodbye, inflammation!), black pepper, ashwagandha, and the perfect amount of vanilla bean. I froth it into some almond milk and add a few drops of organic stevia for a sweet, sippable drink. I put it in a temperature-controlled mug for everlasting warmth. 

In addition to the 5 favorites above, I always have a nellamoon candle on hand... 

What's Burning in the Background

This weekend I'm heading to the beach! Because rain is on the forecast, I'll be opting for a cozy, warm, and sweet scent, also known as the nellamoon tobacco vanilla candle. I'll be cozy on the couch with Sex and The City on, watching the love story of Carrie and Mr. Big unfold while tobacco vanilla burns in the background. 

I want to hear from you! Tag @nellamoon on Instagram to let me know what you’re loving this week! 



May 22, 2020 — Arielle Ricci