This week, I’ll be sharing a few products and things that I’ve come across this week that I’ve genuinely enjoyed trying and I am so excited to share them with you. 

I gave a matcha lattè a try! 

I've seen the ever-so-trendy matcha lattè appear on my feed numerous times and eventually fell into the trend. It was delicious! Here's how I make mine: 

  1. steam or heat 16 oz. of nut milk
  2. add nut milk and 1 tsp. of matcha to blender 
  3. add vanilla paste or extract and lots of cinnamon
  4. add in a sweetener of choice. I prefer stevia or local honey. 
  5. blend until it appears to be vibrant green and well mixed. 
  6. pour into a mug & enjoy! 

I found the comfiest pair of jeans! (on sale!)

Ladies, we know jeans are an investment, but they're so pricey! I found a pair that I've been admiring for a really long time on sale and they're oh-so-comfy! You can find them here! 

I bought a new planner

People keep saying that quarantine has made it pointless to buy a planner, I disagree! It's still so important to have tasks visually in front of you. The one I bought it adorable and affordable, you can find it here. 

I dipped my feet into a new podcast

I really love @theblondefiles podcast on apple podcasts. She recently hosted a podcast with the exercise guru, Melissa Wood and it's so inspiring and really hit home for me. 

I tried a new workout! 

I mentioned her above, but the Melissa Wood Health small movement, incremental workout looks easy from afar, but once you're on the mat, you feel an intense burn. These workouts are short, but super (like really) sweet. This intense program focuses on toning the smaller muscles of the body to form long, lean muscles. You can find her Instagram here: @melissawoodhealth. Grab a mat and try it out! You can find my favorite affordable workout set and mat below. 

What are you doing this week? Are you trying new things? I hope you are! If you find any that you love, tag me on Instagram @nellamoon so we can chat about fabulous new finds! 




July 17, 2020 — Arielle Ricci