This week, I’ll be sharing a few products and things that I’ve come across this week that I’ve genuinely enjoyed trying and I am so excited to share!

I'm sharing my favorite things: the perfect dainty necklace, an affordable skincare regimen, a tennis skirt you can wear everywhere and much more, so stay tuned! 

The perfect dainty jewels… 

Jewelry costs an arm and a leg… I know. I think there’s a time and place to spend money on jewelry (like an engagement) but you definitely don't have to. This dainty gold-painted necklace is (literally) wearable all the time. I rarely take it off, and it’s under $13… I’ll take 4. Looking for something larger? Go for this one. 

Finally, an affordable skincare regime that works

First, wash your face thoroughly. This face wash is incredible at removing first and makeup and is so affordable! People day this line is a dupe of the more expensive brands but it works just as well (if not better). 

The next step is to apply this mask made from salicylic acid to fight blemishes and boy, it sure does. Make sure your face is dry before applying. You’ll only need to apply this about two times a week. 

Lastly, reach for this moisturizer to soften, rejuvenate, and bring a glow. This entire look is so affordable, I highly recommend giving it a go!

On and off the court… 

I am loving the tennis skirt style I've been seeing lately and I really like that you can wear them casually. I found one that I really love that suits a game of tennis and running to lunch or to the store without looking too athletic. You can find the one I love here. Pair it with a cute pair of tennis shoes, a tighter fitting tank and call it a look! If you're looking for a more affordable version, shop the look below!

The show I’m watching 

If you haven’t seen succession on HBO, you need to watch it ASAP! It’s about a very high-class family running their father's empire. I’ve heard it was written about the family that owns FOX, such a great series!

Sleeping like a baby

I’ve been turning my phone off around 7 P.M. and leaving it off the entire night. This limits my exposure to blue light which naturally raises cortisol. I’m trying to fine-tune my sleep schedule and this was the first step! I've linked a pillowcase, an eye mask, relaxing lavender oil, and a magnesium supplement below which are all necessities in my sleep routine!

I hope you give some of the tips above a go! If you do, tag me on Instagram so I can see @nellamoon

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July 10, 2020 — Arielle Ricci