Cheers to the weekend!

This week, I’ll be sharing a few products and things that I’ve genuinely enjoyed trying and I am so excited to share!

I’m sharing my favorite summer read, podcasts, deals of the week (hot items on sale that you’ll love!), and much more! 

What I'm listening to… 

My choice of podcast is very dependent on the mood I'm in. If you’re looking for a good laugh, I recommend “absolutely not” by Heather McMahan. She talks about all things real life and shares the funniest stories that are so relatable! 

If you’re feeling inspired (or wanting to feel inspired), to live a healthier lifestyle, I recommend trying out the “Dr. Axe Show”, by Dr. Josh Axe. You’ll learn miraculous things about the human body and small ways you can support the healthiest you. 

What I’m reading… 

Summer is when I break out the books I've been wanting to read throughout the year. What’s better than reading a captivating book while listening to the waves on the beach? Nothing! (except the nellamoon sea salt & jasmine candle which comes really close if you’re not beside a beach.) 

To be transparent, there are some days that I don’t look forward to running a business. Although the passion I have for my business is what keeps me going, there are some days where energy levels are low. This book really helped me bring joy to my job as if I stuffed it in my tote and carried it around. It’s important to create your own joy and not search for it in other places. I highly recommend this read “Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat.” by Bruce Daisley.  I've linked a couple of other books i'm loving below!

Stretching at home

Studies show that a simple stretch session can benefit more than just your joints and muscles. Enjoy benefits from these movements like a calmed mind, increased energy, and alleviation of stuff muscles which in turn impacts your overall posture. I use a massage ball like this one with this foam roller for deep tissue alleviation and I have found much improvement. I recommend doing it first thing in the morning! Grab a mat (this is my favorite) and get stretching! I've included some of my favorite stretching equipment below!

Supporting my immune system…

I try my best to support my immune system year-round, but especially now. Did you know that lower levels of stress and cortisol, consuming green, leafy vegetables and healthy fats have all been shown to reduce stress and cortisol naturally which in turn supports your immune system? In addition to a healthy lifestyle, I add this oregano supplement for immunity! Oregano has been used since ancient times to kill viruses and support the respiratory system, you can find the one I love here! Plus, I've linked some other supplements I take for overall immune support below!

Deals of the week… 

Alright, who doesn’t love a great deal? I know I do. I’ve put together some really great deals going on right now, so stock up!

  • J. Crew is offering up to 70% percent off select summer styles, 
  • Aerie is offering all bikini tops, bikini bottoms and shorts are $20 right now. 
  • Abercrombie & Fitch is offering summer styles starting at $10! 
  • Bandier is having an up to 70% off sale 

I hope this Friday 5 inspired you to try new things! If you decide to try anything mentioned above, make sure to share it with me on Instagram @nellamoon.



July 24, 2020 — Arielle Ricci