the enneagram personality test is trending on social media and can seem a bit confusing if you haven't studied it or know your type. 

I recently discovered that I'm a 2 type with a 3 wing. This means that most of my attributes and personality characteristics fall under a type two but I also have characteristics that fall under a type three. One thing many people get wrong about the enneagram is their wing. This is because your wing can only be a number beside your dominant number. For example, I can be a 2 with a wing 3 or 1 but I cannot have a wing 6. So, if you're a type 2, your wing could be a 1 or a 3, not a 5. 

Diving into the 2x3 personality... 

Different sources call each type different names. Generally, the two are known as the giver and the three is known as the achiever. The two types come together to form a personality known as the host. 


Basic fears of an enneagram 2x3 have a basic desire to be appreciated, loved, and valued. They tend to express this by being very attached and focused on certain people. 


The hosts tend to attend to the wants and needs of others. They make great nurses, mothers, and are often known as great parents. They don't like to show their emotions although they are very emotional individuals. 

What they're good at

The 2x3 is very skilled at adapting to stressful situations communication, building deep connections, and often have a passion for serving others.

What they're not so good at

They have tendencies to be overly competitive in multiple areas and can often times obsess about situations and winning. Because they're givers, they can over give and become resentful. They take things very personally and criticize themselves internally. They prefer casual conversation and enjoy the feeling of connection. This means that if a person is overly formal or cold, they typically do not respond well.  

How they're motivated

Making a difference motivates this enneagram type. They like to see how their actions impact the bigger picture. They often lead groups, enjoy getting to know people, and find comfort in caring for others. 

The enneagram is not meant to put you in a box. Rather, it's a test that encourages you to grow in areas that you may be weak. This test should also be taken as a grain of salt. No test can define you or tell you who you are. 

I'm curious, have you taken the enneagram? I want to know which type you are! Tag me on Instagram and let me know @nellamoon

If you haven't taken the enneagram and want to, here is where to find the official test! 





June 23, 2020 — Arielle Ricci