This week, I’ll be sharing a few products and things that I’ve come across this week that I’ve genuinely enjoyed trying and I am so excited to share them with you. 

I tried out a new recipe! 

If you haven't made a dairy-free quesadilla yet, you've gotta give it a go! Here's how I made these: 

  1. warm 2 Siete tortillas on a cast-iron skillet with a dash of olive oil
  2. once crispy, add in a dairy-free cheese of choice between two tortillas
  3. flip until done on both sides 
  4. add guac, sour cream or salsa, and enjoy! 

A three-piece set that you NEED

If you don't follow @probablyshannonford on Instagram, you should check out her page. She just collaborated with one of my favorite lines, Judith March, and designed and modeled the most fabulous three-piece set. I have ordered the set and you can, too! You can find the collection here


What I'm watching

I'm a little late here but I just started watching Schitt's Creek and I haven't laughed so hard at a show in such a long time. It streams on Netflix and there are 5 seasons so it's definitely binge-worthy! 

Supporting local businesses 

I'm doing a small piece of my part and supporting local businesses during this hard time. Instead of grabbing a lattè at Starbucks, I decided to go somewhere local instead. If you're close to the Nashville area, you have to check out Revelator Coffee Company. They have one close to Vanderbilt University and you can tell the coffee is first in class. I get a cold brew and add almond milk! It's perfect on hot summer days. 

For the home

I ate at a local restaurant not too long ago and noticed their ceramic dishes and decided I need them in my home. I found these on Amazon and the quality is outstanding and they're gorgeous! 

What are you doing this week? Are you trying new things? I hope you are! If you find any that you love, tag me on Instagram @nellamoon so we can chat about fabulous new finds! 




June 26, 2020 — Arielle Ricci