Hello beautiful readers! I'm so glad today is Friday because it means I get to touch base with you and enjoy the well deserved weekend! I've come across some pretty great things this week and I'm so excited to share! 

extra resistance 

I've been adding some extra resistance to my at-home barre workouts and I definitely feel the burn! I really like this set from Amazon and they're so affordable! 

add some weights

ditch the bulky dumbbells for these slim and disguisable weights. The beautiful thing about them is that they work for ankles and wrists! I even add them to my ankles and walk around my neighborhood! Run errands in them, do yoga, and all other activities! 

on the go charging! 

what is more annoying than needing your phone when it's on 1%? Nothing. I couldn't take it anymore and finally gave in with this charging phone case. It's marvelous to travel with! 

throw on a tank

finding a flattering workout top can be a challenge. I fell in love with the deep v and the ties on the ends and I wish they had it in black! You can find it here. I do barre in it, walk in it and it's even suitable for running errands!

gold accents 

looking for a dainty accessory to take any outfit up a level? This gold coin bracelet is perfect for an everyday accessory. 

ultimate comfort

comfort is more important to looks when it comes to sleep. This set provides both! This set is so light and soft, just what I need to hit the hay.

Anything you're loving this week that I should feature in my nest Friday 5? Let me know on Instagram @nellamoon! 

xo, arielle
August 21, 2020 — arielle st. pé