Cheers to Friday! I'm so excited to share my Friday 5 with you this week! 

here's the line-up: a show I can't stop watching, a pan that can cook anything, ways I'm reducing plastic, seamless leggings from Amazon, and my immune support ritual. Let's get started! 

what I'm watching

I re-started the show Suits. Megan Markle plays one of the main characters and once you start you can't stop! It's a drama about a New York City firm, their daily lives, and massive business decisions. You can watch it on Amazon Prime!

the everyday pan

this non-stick, ceramic pan is literally good for everyday use. No stick, no aluminum, right up my alley. You can braise, saute, steam, the choice is yours! It is said to replace 8 pieces of cookware, so rather than investing in a set, get one staple that you'll use every day. 

out with the plastic

ditch the plastic water bottles and cookware for stainless steel or glass. Not only does plastic contain toxins like BPA, but it's awful for the planet. Opt for my favorite substitutes below!

seamless is the way to go

seamless leggings that don't cost a fortune? check. These are just as great as the $100 dollar leggings I have in my closet and I think I'll purchase a few more colors, too! 

sickness, be gone!

I start my wellness routine off with oregano oil, gut-supporting collagen, zinc, vitamin C, and a workout to stimulate my lymphatic system. You can shop the entire collection below!

you can find all of the items I've listed + substitutes below! 

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August 28, 2020 — arielle st. pé