Is a candle a good gift for a man? Absolutely! And with Father’s Day just around the corner (June 20, 2021… don’t forget!), you may want to think about giving the important fathers in your life a scented candle. 

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Scents have the power to stimulate memories and bring back positive emotions; burning candles also creates ambiance, boosts your mood, calms the mind, and can improve sleep. Do you need another reason? ;) 

When you think of scented candles, your mind probably wanders to thoughts of floral and citrusy notes, but we at Nellamoon also make several earthy and masculine candle scents that are sure to please the important men in your life, whether you’re shopping for a Father’s Day gift for Dad, Grandpa, or your hubby. 

If we could describe manly scents, we'd say they're bold, charismatic and deep. Think: patchouli, eucalyptus, leather, suede, black pepper, and notes of amber.

With that in mind, here are some of the best scented candles for men! 


The 9 Best Candles for Men (That’ll Make the Perfect Father’s Day Gift)

Worried about quality? All of these men’s candles are premium soy-wax and cotton-wick candles!

1. Oud + Smoke

For the Sophisticated Dad

Rich notes of tobacco and whiskey overwhelm your senses (in the best way). This scent is basically manliness and sophistication bottled up in a jar candle. This aroma holds rich and smoky notes of tobacco leaves, spices, sandalwood, tonka bean, whiskey, and oud. 

The Oud + Smoke candle fully embodies the masculine characteristics of boldness, power, and strength.

2. Desert Cowboy

For the Rugged Wilderness Dad

This masculine scent holds a special place in our hearts because of it's wild western charisma. This is the ultimate manly cowboy scent. Imagine sitting by a cozy fire in the woods with the smell of soft vanilla, warm amber, and tobacco leaves lingering in the air. It's charming with notes of vanilla, tobacco, and crackling wood. 

3. Nashville

For the Guitar-Strumming, Country-Music-Lovin’ Dad

Named after Nellamoon's hometown, this scent reminds us of walking down the streets of Broadway watching the guitarists play along to an Elvis playlist. It's manly and reminiscent with notes of leather, tobacco, and cedarwood. This may be one of our greatest scent creations yet! 

4. Noir

For the Dynamic Dad

BEST SELLER! A rich and luxurious aroma of aged teakwood, soft sandalwood, French bergamot, and a touch of lavender, this exotic blend is sure to please all of his senses. One of our year-round best-sellers, this fresh, airy scent is a total crowd-pleaser! Psst, it’s also one of our recommendations for a unique holiday scent.

5. Tobacco Vanilla

For the Hubby

This spicy and unisex scent is simply INCREDIBLE!  Set the mood for your special night with this candle’s sexy aromas of tobacco leaf, spices, tonka bean, vanilla, cacao, and cedarwood!

6. Happy Trails

For the Weekend Adventurer Dad

Rich woody notes infused with amber and herbs create an enchanting blend that will take him back to his favorite springtime hike through the serene forest. If he’s an outdoorsman, he’s sure to love this scent. It’s one of the Nellamoon community’s all-time favorites!

7. Tulum

For the Wanderlust Dad

BRAND-NEW! Inspired by Tulum, Mexico, this aroma is exotic and mysterious... It holds earthy and masculine notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, and vetiver with a touch of amber and musk. He may be burning this soy candle in his man cave or living room, but he’ll be transported to far off tropical places.

8. Blue Lagoon

For the Beach-Loving Dad

BRAND-NEW! Blue Lagoon is an alluring blend of creamy coconut, vanilla, amber, and warm cedarwood. If your dad would rather be lounging on the beach, this is the candle for him. It’s the ultimate beach lover’s scent! This aroma is so dreamy, you can almost feel the sea salt in your hair.

9. Golden Hour

For the Dad With Fine Taste

Golden Hour is the smell of luxury! Its sparkling notes have the power to leave a positive shimmering impression that stays with you… With top notes of French mandarin, bergamot, and lemon, middle note of cashmere, and a base note of creamy vanilla, you’ll love this musky aroma as much as he does!


man candle

Real Talk: Is It Weird for Guys to Like Candles?

Okay, so let’s address this head-on… The idea that candles are feminine or only for women is such a myth! Of course it isn’t weird for guys to like candles — no matter what scent they are.

Today, we went over the top 9 best scented candles for men, and for the most part, the majority of them embody the traditional masculine aroma: bold, charismatic, and deep.

But some men may also like floral or fruity candles versus an earthy or woodsy scent! The key to buying the best candle for the men in your life is to know and understand their unique preferences.

But trust us, it’s *not* weird for guys to like candles. Like we mentioned earlier, burning candles is an amazing way to create ambiance, boost your mood, stimulate memories, calm the mind, and improve sleep.


Whatever you end up getting your dad or husband this Father’s Day, he’s sure to love! Even if it’s a simple card or phone call… because at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. He just wants to know he’s loved and thought of. Just know: candles for men have been soo underrated. Men want their houses to smell good too, right?! 

You can’t go wrong with any of these scented candles for men with deep and masculine aromas. All of Nellamoon candles are the highest-quality luxury candles with non-GMO cotton wicks and soy wax. (Fun fact: Did you know that soy wax has a 50% longer burn time than paraffin wax? Soy candles are also more environmentally friendly.) As for scents, we use essential oils and premium fragrance oils for a clean burn. 

Give a gift, spread the light!


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