Candles have been used for more than 5,000 years. As a source of light, and as a way to illuminate, they have become an integral part of our lives. And while candles are more than just a source of light, they continue to be used in other ways.

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Candles Can Do More Than Light up Our Lives

You will see, throughout the course of this article, that candles are more than just a light source. Whether you are looking for ways to make a room smell nicer, find out the benefits of candles, or just wonder how to reduce stress candles can be used in a wide variety of ways. Candles can do so much more for us, and they are crucial to so many different aspects of our lives from stylish decor, to providing ambiance, to even helping us with our health.

So if you think that the candle is just something that might look nice and offer a bit of flickering lights, you need to read on. The candles we provide are more than just a way to illuminate a room, but they can become something more. If you are looking for candles, here at Nellamoon, we've been creating candles with a lot of soul since 2015. It is a creative practice that you should feel the emotional and physical benefits from. Candles can help you shine in more ways than you think. If you are considering getting a candle, or you just want to get a bit more information, you can always subscribe to get the latest from Nellamoon. 

How Candles Can Help You 

Burning a candle is something we might do at the end of the day to make the room look prettier, and when we're looking at the benefits of burning candles, they can go way beyond this.

1. They Reduce Your Stress 

This is the best place to begin. Many people like to light candles at the end of the day. And, when we dig deep into the reasons why we do this, it is usually because of the scent that it exudes. Science has proven that candles can actually soothe us. And they do this in two different ways:

The light

The flame of a candle is an incredibly soothing thing. There's a reason that people have used candlelight to meditate for centuries. If you've never taken the opportunity to meditate in your life, you might be surprised what staring into a candle can achieve. The flame of a candle can soothe us, but it can reduce our stress, while also increasing our self-awareness. This is done because the low light coming from a candle is captured instantly by your eye. The light is sent straight to your brain, and our association with candlelight helps us to calm down.

The scent

Scented candles offer many benefits. But there are a wide variety of scents that can boost our mood. For example, eucalyptus candle benefits include improving your focus and energizing you. When you feel less stressed, you are happier in every aspect of your life. You instantly feel more focused, and at one with yourself. We live in a world where stress is commonplace. It is ingrained into us that our fight or flight sensation is triggered every time we experience something in the workplace. Taking the opportunity to light a candle at the end of a busy day can do wonders to reduce your stress.

2. They Can Help to Link With Positive Past Memories 

You might be someone who likes to sit on the couch if you're feeling a little bit down, and lighting a candle is a fantastic way to lose yourself in a moment where everything feels perfect in your mind's eye. Emotions and memories are triggered by certain scents, and many studies have shown that smells will trigger emotional memories and lift your mood if you are not feeling so great. We all have good days, but we all have bad days, and whether you're feeling down, sad, or experiencing grief, lighting a candle can help you to recall a happier time. By remembering something but also experiencing the emotion again through this little ritual, it can give you an escape from what is going on in your life.

3. They Help You Set a Ritual 

Candles have been used for centuries, not just in religious ceremonies, but they are a perfect way to set a mood. You can use a candle day or night, and it can be part of morning meditation, so it can get you into the right frame of mind. Or you could use it as part of a night-time routine where you wind down before a restful sleep. Whatever you like to do, whether it is having a bath, praying, or undergoing a yoga session, you can use a candle to enhance your focus and meditative thoughts. It is more important than ever that we use a ritual in our lives because it gives us an anchor to hang on to ourselves. Candles can provide an ideal entryway to give you a sense of calm, so you can either start or end your day on the right foot. We live in an age where light is all around us, and a lot of artificial light from our televisions and devices. Lighting a candle when you are doing your nightly skincare routine, or when you are having your cup of coffee in the morning in peace and quiet allows you to step into yourself, so you can become more mindful. This will make a significant benefit to your life.

4. They Transform the Ambiance of a Space

Candles create a very unique atmosphere. Before the advent of light, candles were used as a way to illuminate. And when we think of candles as a light source, our minds instantly go to simpler, more peaceful times. And this is something we can recreate in our home, or when we need an opportunity to declutter our brains from the day we've just had. The most obvious and beneficial example is lighting a couple of candles in your bathroom. They instantly transform a space and induce a cozy atmosphere. Candles have healing properties and there's a reason why they are used to create ambiance by massage therapists. It simplifies things and makes the space more welcoming. You can try it now; light a candle, turn all the lights out, and you can just stare into the flame and step away, literally and metaphorically, from the world.

5. They Can Improve Your Mood 

Everybody deserves to feel happy in their lives. And whether you struggle to get a good night's sleep, or you are looking for more harmony in your life, the wide variety of therapeutic candles available can make you feel happier in many areas of your existence. These days, the importance of having good mental health cannot be underestimated. Mental health is a key aspect of our overall health. And lighting a therapeutic candle can help to promote a sense of calm, well-being, but also bring us back to a simpler frame of mind. We live in an age where everybody is busy, and this means that we are more prone than ever to anxiety and stress. When we feel overwhelmed, the combination of candlelight and essential oils can allow us to feel calmer, more relaxed, and wash away the stresses of our day.

6. They Can Help With Your Sleep

Poor sleep is the modern epidemic. More than ever, sleep hygiene is key to living a healthier and happier life. If you use electronics before you go to sleep, this can disrupt your sleep because it interrupts your sleep hormone, melatonin. If you do not get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night because you are on your device, swap your phone for a candle. Having a candle by your bed rather than your phone gives you the opportunity to truly unwind during the evening, and the reduced likes means that you can reset your natural sleep rhythms. Technology provides a distraction in every area of our lives, and this means that we don't listen to our bodies when it is time to unwind. Living by candlelight when the lights go down gives you many opportunities to listen to your body, to meditate, or even to read by candlelight. After all, when it goes dark, this is the signal for us to actually go to sleep. By actually listening to our bodies and using night-time as a cue to unwind, we will feel better in many aspects of our lives. And the candle provides a very simple illumination on the subject.

7. They Are Integral to Self-Expression

Candles are fantastic for changing the atmosphere of a room, and we have seen this countless times in romantic settings. Candles can be fantastic for prayer, but also, candles can be a fantastic way to help you express yourself. Much like people have different preferences in styles and tastes, we all have certain inclinations towards fragrances and aromas. It is a perfect way for you to express who you are around your home. Take the opportunities to stare at candlelight and meditate, and also use candles as an opportunity to make yourself feel happier in every sense of your life. If you are struggling for a way to express yourself, the right smell can be a perfect way for you to show off your character. Everybody has their own scents that feel like home or takes them back to a simpler time. This is why scented candles are fantastic gifts, they are something personal that truly appeals to the senses. Fashions come and go, but soothing aromas will always stay with you.


Candles create a mood, but they also create something different in each and every one of us. We've relied on candles for 5,000 years to illuminate. And yes, they are a fantastic decoration and we can use them to our advantage when we are looking to make a space look a bit more vibrant. As candles have evolved over the 5,000 years since old Egyptians made torches by soaking the core of reeds in melted animal fat, they've become something different to each and every one of us. From the romantic settings on Valentine's Day to religious festivals and celebrations, and everything in between, candles have become something more. 

As you can see with the seven points mentioned above, candles do more than just provide some light, but they provide some insight. They provide a sense of occasion, warmth, and they can benefit your health in many ways. Isn’t it amazing that one simple source of light has so much beauty, romance, and benefits? We live a life where we are bombarded with complexities. It's so important that, now, more than ever, we begin to embrace simplicity. Whether this is using candles to improve your mood, help you remember better times, feel less stress, use the right sent to express yourself, candles are the perfect way to light up your life.

What do you love about candles?

Is it the simple flickering? Is it the atmosphere it creates? Or are you after something deeper from your candle collection? If you like our styles and scents, you have many opportunities to take advantage of everything we have on offer. Getting the right candle is not just about decorating your space but choosing the right scent that evokes memories, helps you unwind after a stressful day, and also gives you the opportunity to embrace simplicity is not just something that would be nice to have, but is your right in such stressful times. Here, at Nellamoon, we offer a variety of candles that are all about the soul and expressing yourself. Want to know how to find the best eco friendly candles in 2021? Check out our blog post here. You can also subscribe to all the latest styles and brands by entering your email, or you can get in contact with us here.

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