I finally found the simplest way to get ready in 5 minutes without sacrificing looking like a normal human being. Turns out, It’s not impossible after all… here are the simple steps…

Put your hair in a topknot… 

Take your hair, twist it and create a bun that perfectly sits on the top of your head. I use these hair ties as they are so gentle. (I’ll pass ripping out my hair tie when I can)

Choose non-toxic coverage 

I am so impressed by all of this brand’s products, especially this light concealer. I used to think I had to choose between heavy metal filled makeup and looking glowy, but nope. Thanks to this concealer, I’m able to accomplish a good look in 5 minutes or less. 

Choose a light, airy dress or two-piece set

One piece of fabric to complete my look? Yes, please. I love throwing on a light dress because it gives me a feminine look with minimal effort. Sometimes, instead of opting for a dress, I'll pair a dainty top with a maxi skirt (pictured above!).

Grab a crossbody bag & slide on shoes

Two easy staples to complete this look: a bag for your necessities and some simple, slide-on sandals. I love this pair of leather sandals that pair well with anythingThis white bag is small enough to grab and run out the door but big enough for all of my necessities: chapstick, my wallet, phone, and keys.

Thought it was impossible to be ready in 5? Think again. Give my look above the greenlight and tag me on Instagram @nellamoon, I’m excited to see how gorgeous you look! 



June 08, 2020 — Arielle Ricci