Whether you're heading to the mountains for a cabin stay or a beach getaway, your entire packing checklist is below! 

road trip snacks

let's get to the most important part first, snacks! I'm loving this dry roasted edamame. It's high in protein and pretty low in fat and overall caloric density! If you're looking for a low carb snack, you have to try these Lupini beans! They have high fiber and super high protein for satiety. I also love grainless granola!

a good read 

I know I've talked about books over and over again but who doesn't need a good read, especially when traveling?! You should read In the Company of Women. This book is beyond inspiring, especially for women entrepreneurs. 


You are allowed to buy a comfy and cute pair of pajamas for a mini-vacay. This set is so comfy and adorable! Let's just pretend there was an emergency while you're on vacay... who wants to have to run outside in ugly pajamas... not me!

a makeup bag

Find a good makeup bag that can hold not just your makeup, but your toothbrush, razor, and other necessities! I really like this one! And you can get your initials added onto the neutral colors. 

a dress for any occasion and a pair of shoes

Find a dress that if you had to wear it every day, you could. I'd go for something floral or a simple black dress (that nobody will realize you wore yesterday.) Choose this little black dress and pair it with some white sneakers of choice! Going for floral? Look at this adorable choice.

Looking for a tote bag? check out the one linked below. Grab a few outfits, throw them in there, and head out! Take it up a notch and block out the sun with a conservative hat! 

What must-haves are in your suitcase and where are you headed? Let me know on Instagram @nellamoon

I've also linked a lot of alternatives to what is mentioned above, shop the look below!





July 15, 2020 — Arielle Ricci