Although Memorial Day looks a little different this year, I am still looking forward to honoring the men and women that have served our country. Memorial Day also marks the unofficial start of summer, which means I will be digging out all of my white outfits, oh how I’ve missed those.

Grilling out, going to the lake, and gathering with loved ones is usually on the agenda but this year we will be taking it easy and spending time with our small circle of close friends. Before I go out and fill my shopping cart full of goodies at Whole Foods, I thought I’d share what’s on my grocery list, what bathing suit I have in my amazon cart, and my favorite SPF. 

 What I’m Eating & Drinking…

 Lean Ground Turkey

One of my favorite alternatives to red meat is organic, lean ground turkey. We’ll be grilling turkey burgers this year. Add some of your favorite spices, condiments, grill it to perfection and I guarantee, it will be a special occasion go-to. 

 Kombucha Tonic

I get so much enjoyment out of discovering ways to make not so healthy items and turning them into something healthy without sacrificing flavor. My favorite alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages? This kombucha tonic. Here’s what you’ll need…

  1. Citrus of choice. My favorite is grapefruit but you can choose lemons, limes, oranges, etc. 
  2. Alcohol of choice, I recommend vodka as it tends to blend better with the kombucha
  3. Kombucha (I really like G.T.’s Trilogy flavor.
  4. Ice makes this drink so refreshing, especially while outside in the sun. 
  5. One lime wedge for a kick (and to make it pretty.) 

What I’m Wearing

Oh how I’ve missed wearing white… 

I found this darling white suit on Amazon and it’s safe to say I’ll be living in it all summer long. The price point is fabulous and unlike a lot of other suits, the bottoms sit perfectly above the hips, making it super flattering. 

As a cover-up, I’ll be wearing this one, and it’s currently 15% off! It’s so comfortable as it just hangs but still sinches at the waist for a flattering look. 

 How I’m Protecting My Skin

It took a lot of trial and error finding the right sunscreen that didn’t clog my pores. This sunscreen reassured me that you don’t have to choose between clogged pores or damaged skin as it delivers the protection of both. For $19.99, you get an oil-free SPF that really does the job. 

I want to know, how are you spending your memorial day? Try making the recipe I shared above or opt for my Memorial Day look and share it with me on Instagram @nellamoon.  

May 22, 2020 — Arielle Ricci