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Fall look: all things denim

An entire denim look is Instagram worthy, it just is. To achieve this look, you have to put pieces together thoughtfully or you could look straight up tacky. 

I would definitely choose a vintage fitting jean for this look. I chose a pair by Levi's which I'll link below. I love the lighter, looser fit.

Choose a tighter top to go under the jacket. Because the jacket is heavy, a tighter top will let the jacket to speak for itself. 

Choose a neutral pair of booties! These are Steve Madden and pretty affordable. I appreciate that they go with any outfit. 

For accessories, choose an oval or rectangular pair of sunnies for a vintage look.

Lastly, add a wide brim fedora if you're looking to protect your face from additional UV rays! 

That's it! Such a simple but charming look! Shop my favorites below!