This look seems sassy and edgy, but it’s actually really simple and will give you a confidence boost wherever you’re headed. 

Step one is to just choose a leather skirt of your choice. You can find the one I’m wearing above here! 

Next, choose a flowy black top. I chose this one as it hit my waist at the perfect spot and met the skirt perfectly at the torso. 

Finally, choose a simple pair of black pumps. I love these as they have dainty straps and offer a perfect height. If you’re more comfortable in flats, try these sandals instead. 

To top off the look, put your hair in a sleek bun or pony using these ponytail holders that are made from silk (bye, damage!)

Then, add some dainty gold jewels. For a necklace, I love this cross option paired with this gold bracelet! Lastly, grab a small crossbody and call it a look!

This look is achievable in just five or less simple steps! If you decide to give it a try, tag me on instagram @nellamoon!



July 15, 2020 — Arielle Ricci