There are certain staple pieces that can be worn anytime, anywhere, and go with pretty much everything. I call these the basics of a wardrobe and think about them as the foundation of the wardrobe pyramid. I'm excited to share my staple essentials below! 

A few good pairs of jeans

Jeans are an investment, and you really only need a few really good pairs. For an effortless but collected look, throw on a pair of light-colored denim, Chelsea boots, and a simple white tee. These are my favorites right now (pictured above!) as they offer a vintage look but still offer the comfort that some vintage jeans lack. I feel really confident in these as they sit perfectly on the waist and don’t flare too much at the ankle. Looking for a more relaxed fit? Check out this darker pair! 

A timeless black dress

Here’s the thing about most black dresses, nobody knows if you re-wear them or not. Going to a cookout? Grab a black dress. Going out with friends? Grab the black dress. I think you catch my drift here but you can shop my black dress guide below. 

  • This off the shoulder style is great for summer nights, brunch with the girls and a beach vacay. Grab a matching bag and sandals and you’re good to go. 
  • If you’re going somewhere formal, this is a great option as it offers a conservative length but still has the off the shoulder style for a perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated. 
  • Looking for an option you can wear everywhere? I like this one a lot because it’s super casual but also darling. 
  • top off the look with some cat-eye sunnies! 

A staple handbag

Handbags are where all my rules go out the window as I’m just magnetically attracted to them. I have a couple of staple handbags in my closet that will never go out of style. This bag will never go out style and it’s classically timeless. Now, I know that this is not the most affordable option, especially if you’re not a handbag fanatic like I am. If you’re looking for an affordable, simple bag to wear every day, I recommend this one!

White sneakers or Pumps 

The reason that sneakers are included here is simple: you can wear them year-round. These are a great option and the gold text is such a distinct addition. Pair them with any of the staples mentioned above and call it a look!

If you're looking for some pumps, I recommend a style like this!

What staples are you loving in your closet? I’m always looking for new ones so let me know on Instagram @nellamoon!



June 25, 2020 — Arielle Ricci