Summer is when I dip my feet into trying new skincare and give my skin some major TLC by minimizing makeup. And with the harsh heat, I go the extra mile for my hair, too. There are a few products I've come across lately and I cannot stop talking about them *sends the link to friends as I type this*

major moisture... 

I went to the lake last weekend which means a whole lot of sun... right when I got home I slathered this all over my face for some major moisture (and didn't wake up with blackheads!)  

bye-bye sun damage

like I mentioned earlier, I went to the lake and knew the UV index was pretty high so I made sure to research the best SPF and I couldn't say no to this one with so many good reviews... and I'm so glad I hit "proceed to checkout". 

for the hair...

 this shampoo uses a patented bonding technology to repair damaged hair. So far, I'm loving it and so is my hair. The great news is a little goes a (very) long way. I wake up with the softest hair, I highly recommend this to anyone looking for some major hair repair! 

have you tried any new products lately? let me know on Instagram, tag me @nellamoon for me to see. Can't way to stay connected!



June 03, 2020 — Arielle Ricci