When choosing clothing, most of us are looking at the price tag and imagining ourselves in the outfit. There’s so much energy, labor, pollution, and water that go into the outfit you’re wearing right now… One of my personal goals includes choosing brands that not only create adorable clothing but support planet earth and humanity while doing so. Take a look at the list I put together that includes five sustainable clothing lines we should all be taking notes from right now. 


With 98% of their employees being women, I’ve never seen a company more transparent about their wages and impact on humanity. You can see their entire wage guide right here.  Not only employing women here in Nashville but recently started employing women in Ethiopia in 2019.  They have the prettiest jewelry that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’m loving this gold chain necklace right now. I also have been obsessed with their totes for quite a while and they all last so long!

Mate the Label

Did you know that a lot of the fabrics that we put on our bodies is toxic? Mate the Label, a Los Angeles based clothing line, prides itself for their clean, non-toxic essentials. All of their pieces are so clean and simple and take the win for classic, everyday essentials like white t-shirts, cotton sets, and these amazing joggers. 


Everlane believes they can make a difference, and they have. Everlane partners with ethical factories around the world. They talk about radical transparency and I've gotta say, their jeans are radical. According to their website, “Each factory is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and environment.” Need some white jeans for summer? Meet your new obsession. They also make some of the comfiest sandals I’ve ever worn. I don’t know what the secret is for such soft leather, but it’s incredible. I’m obsessed with the puffed sleeves on this linen shirt. It’s so light, making it perfect for summer. 


Pretty shocking that the lead supplier for denim is on the top of my list, right? Did you know that Levi’s use around 90% less water when making their denim than the average production process?  Levi’s are the classic denim brand and their high waisted, vintage shorts are a classic staple for any wardrobe. These white shorts pair so well with the sandals mentioned above and they’re the perfect crisp white for summer. If you’re looking for a classic blue pair, go for these. The fringe brings all the vintage vibes, I love it! 


Boden participates in something called the HERProject which empowers and educates women working in supply chains. Not only do they selectively partner with factories around the world, but they take the initiative to build relationships with the individual people that are hands-on during the production process. They offer a wide variety of pieces for kids and adults and both men and women. I love this classic, vintage-style one-piece bathing suit! So fun for a family vacation and the polka dots are so classic. 

If you’re trying to be more conscious, I recommend taking a look at any of the brands above and hop on mission with them! 



June 12, 2020 — Arielle Ricci